IHWT are progressing with a new welfare programme in North County Dublin to engage with local horse owners to assist with the welfare of their horses. The initial welfare program has been kicked off with the implementation of a feeding hay programme. This hay was very kindly donated by a farmer in the Dunshaughlin area.

The horse owners have been very cooperative and have welcomed the help of the IHWT. This meant that we were able to treat all the horses on site for worms and lice, and have set up a program to monitor this on an on-going basis. With the cooperation of the owners, IHWT have taken in 2 equines that were surrendered to us, as it was realised by the current owners that the horses needed a higher level of care then they could give. With the involvement of IHWT officers advice can be offered in the future to help horse owners in the day to day care of their horses.

IHWT is co coordinating with the local horse owners into forming a Horse Club with a long term view of securing a site that is suitable for the horses and owners. The horse owners are very keen to see this goal achieved and are actively doing their best to move towards securing a permanent and appropriate site.